'Life and work in Hollywood' 

Brie talks about the years leading up to her move to Los Angeles, the MeToo movement and the process behind booking roles in Hollywood. (Icelandic)

'Booked the role and flew straight to Los Angeles' 

Brie shares her thoughts on the importance of making a good first impression and how the industry is rapidly changing due to social media. (Icelandic)

'From Mermaids to Mental Health'

"It all started with a musical in Iceland when I was a teenager" 
says actress Brie Kristiansen, who does it all in TV, Film and New Media. 

'Killing it in Hollywood' 

Brie shares her thoughts on the importance of being a good role model, and how that affected her work on Amazon Prime's 'Life as a Mermaid'. (Icelandic)

'The Cast Making a Splash on YouTube'

With an emphasis on strong female leads, the 'Life as a Mermaid' series has come to inspire young women worldwide in everything from girl-to-girl filmmaking to feminist life advice. 

'Brie as the Lead Villain'

"Astrid was the role that changed everything" says Brie Kristiansen, who plays the lead villain on the popular Amazon Prime series 'Life as a Mermaid'.  (Icelandic)